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It is found today that the governments at the state and the central levels come up with a lot of schemes for villages but these do not reach the target populations. The schemes are actually sufficient to empower and uplift the people but there are leaks and the delivery does not effectively take place. The cause of this is that the potential recipients of such benefits are un-aware of even the existence of such programs; whether it is health related issues, farm related issues, loans… The real reason for this is the existence of a communication gap between the benefactors in government and the intended recipients—which is exploited by middlemen. And the core reason for this is the lack of transparency. When the processes are made transparent the chances that relief will reach the needy increases tremendously. Gramothan will ensure that the transparency ensues. It will see to it that the channel between the government and beneficiaries are kept open. It will spread awareness in respect of these. It will use the latest methods of advertisement that is common in the corporate world. It will work on leaflets, pamphlets, books, newsletters and other such available channels to ensure that the message reaches the villages effectively. Sector wise goals:

  • Swarnjanti gram swarojgar yojna
  • Rural housing
  • National rural employment guarantee
  • National social assistance programme

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