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We are a group of young dynamic, dedicated and committed, social activists coming from a spectrum of fields getting together to work for rural India and needy people from all over. We have already taken several initiatives for the future for betterment of society. We have been able to take up projects related to philanthropy for villages and have been able to create an action plan for a new BHARAT. Our first priority is to serve the poor, needy and helpless rural folk so that they may be able to live dignified and wholesome lives. Other spheres of action include education, health, vocational training and employment. We are a movement that has been able to make a dent on the present scenario…
“We are innovative, we have compassion” “We have enthusiasm, we are creators”
We are confident we will create history, we will transform India will resonate with the belief “HAMARA BHARAT”
Our motto is:
“Go to grassroots—down to earth—create awareness and”
Make a difference
OUR realistic dream or goal is:
“Prosperous people………….contented village”
So we have came together to create a platform and forum for New BHARAT’s volunteers called “GRAMOTHAN”
The process we therefore wish to patronize is indispensible for changing BHARAT.
What & Why :
GRAMOTHAN is a voluntary grassroots organization. It is a movement to change society and aims to assess the deficiencies of villages and take steps for corrective and constructive intervention. It is a unique initiative taken by young dynamic, dedicated and committed people who have the power to change the present conditions to something that is desirable. It is for the first time in INDIA that such a grassroots organization, catering for the betterment of society has stepped forward to play its role. It has no known parallel in as far as the goals of the institution are concerned. It is said that India is a land of villages in which around 70% of the people live in rural settings. It is these who contribute to the strength of the nation through their dedicated work in their fields and at their various tasks in the villages but they are the ones who are most deprived of facilities of all kinds. Their children receive little or no education and have to compete in a skewed world order in which educated youth from the cities benefit through their proximity to the relevant resources and facilities. The way out of this seems to be that the village children should move to the cities to get educated; but even the education that they so receive is not of adequate quality as they would not have the financial clout to compete for convent education or education in public schools. The solution therefore is to take quality education to the villages. In order that such a vision may be pursued in education and in other spheres of life like health and family welfare, Gramothan wishes to set up model villages after first adopting them. These villages are picked up from the backward regions of rural India and are subjected to focused attention and work.
Charter of activities
• We organize public awareness campaigns in both village and city areas.
• Our activities and campaigns are peaceful and non-violent.
• We also organize, awareness drives like street campaigns, poster exhibitions, street play, drama on various issues of deep concern to villages and common people.
• We also organize protest programmes like rally, dharna etc……..by peaceful and non-violent means in support of issues favoring villages and common people.
• We Organize cycle rallies, form human chains to sensitize people on issues like environment, AIDS, global warming etc… and therefore reach our message to common people.
• We also arrange for documentaries on these various social and political problems.
• We organize events and workshops on basic issues that have a beneficial effect on common people.
• We organize workshops and training programs on various issues for farmers, youth and women in rural areas.
• We are already creating awareness on issues related to plantation, save the planet and such others.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.